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Jubilee Group Health and Safety Statement

G W Haywood. hsp10712.sgml V2.13

The Health and Safety Policy has been formulated to promote safe practices in the workplace. We are happy for anyone outside the Jubilee Group who is in the process of producing a Policy Statement of his own to use this document (at his own risk) as a source of ideas. Verbatim quotations should be acknowledged, preferably giving our Web address. Anyone using this document as a source must of course assume full responsibility for the content of his own work. Comments on this Statement are invited. They should be addressed to Mr. G.W. Haywood who is the individual responsible for ensuring that the policy is implemented within the Jubilee Group and is kept up to date. You may contact him via email: or you may wish to refer to the contact page ( which carries all other contact information.

1. Distribution

2. Purposes

3. Legislation

4. Policy

5. Hazards

6. Smoking in the Workplace

7. Alcohol, Drugs, Medicines

8. Breaks from Work

9. Accidents

10. Fire Precautions

11. Warehouse

12. Tools

13. Equipment Maintenance and Safety

14. Electrical Safety

15. Hygiene and Housekeeping

16. Robbery

17. Safety Assessments

18. Revision History

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