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5. Hazards

Some items and products in the workplace can be hazardous. These include:

You may wish to add to the list anything else to which you are likely to be exposed in your work.

Driving a motor vehicle on the public highways is the most hazardous occupation that one can undertake in peacetime. Employees driving vehicles on the order of the Jubilee Group are required to ensure that they and their vehicle comply with the law. Particular attention must be paid to the condition of the vehicle (including but not limited to the condition of tyres, brakes, lights and steering) the fitness of the driver to drive, speed limits and other instructions, other road users and especially the more vulnerable road users such as cyclists and pedestrians.

Other hazards range from fire to crushing by heavy weights to long-term health damage by exposure to harmful materials, radiation, sound etc.

Make sure that you are always fully aware of the primary hazards at your place of work and do not relax your vigilance for other hazards. You must be properly trained to operate certain equipment. You must not operate such equipment without the proper training. Lifting equipment and power tools are notable examples.

Literature is available which describes the hazardous content of all products stocked by the Jubilee Group. The literature details any treatment necessary if such hazardous materials come into contact with the skin or are ingested.

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