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11. Warehouse

The Warehouse Manager has overall responsibility for the safety of personnel in warehouse areas and for the safe use, operation and maintenance of tools and equipment in those areas.

Training for employees in warehouse areas is the responsibilty of the Warehouse Manager.

11.1 Clothing and Protective Equipment

Protective equipment is available if required for any operation. Wear footwear which will give reasonable protection. Injuries caused by dropping heavy weights are all too common. Wear suitable clothing. Loose fitting or flowing clothing can be dangerous under certain circumstances, such as when using power tools and machinery.

Wear high-visibility clothing in situations where there may be a risk that you will not be seen.

Jewellery can be dangerous, for example it may become entangled with machinery (shredders are a rarely considered hazard) or it may enter electrical equipment and make contact with components carrying dangerously high voltages.

Wear eye protection when using any item which may cause flying debris, sparks etc. Metal and polymer banding is often used on pallets. This can be dangerous when cut, as great tension is released. The ends of the banding will fly rapidly apart and can cause injury.

11.2 Behaviour

The handling of heavy goods can be dangerous if not done correctly.

AVOID LIFTING if it is practical. Avoid back injury by using safely the equipment provided. Make several trips rather than carry too much in one trip.


Use trucks, trolleys etc. with caution. With a hydraulic pallet truck especially it is easy to create enough momentum in a pallet to crush someone, or to lower a tonne of goods onto your foot. These things are not toys. Do not ride on them.

Parcels, boxes etc must never be stacked in a manner likely to cause injury and damage by toppling over.

Except in an emergency, do not run in any work area.

Never climb on shelves. Use the ladders or steps provided. Make sure that equipment used for climbing (such as ladders and steps) is in good condition and securely sited in use.

11.3 Customer Safety

Customers and suppliers are strictly not allowed into Warehouse areas unless accompanied by a member of staff.

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