Keeping you informed.

This statement is provided to make you aware of our privacy policy and to show you how we enforce it.


We have no wish to invade your privacy. You can if you wish use almost all of the facilities on our Website without revealing your identity or any other information about yourself to us. If you wish to do business with us then anonymity is not possible, however we take steps to keep any intrusion we may make to the absolute minumum. Our Website does not use cookies and has never used them.


We have put in place appropriate physical, electronic and operational procedures to safeguard any information that we hold. Those of our computers (such as our Web servers) which are accessible to the public store no confidential information (such as credit card numbers) and furthermore they are never connected to our private computers, so that even if for example he were able to breach a Web server's security it would not be possible for a 'hacker' to discover your confidential information in that way.

Information that we do not collect.

We do not ask for information about your family, health, race, wealth, education, sex, religion, nationality, employer, household, vehicles, hobbies, politics, interests, arrest record nor any other things about you which many companies try to discover in order to help them sell their products to you.

Information that we do collect.

If you wish to buy goods from us then usually we need a name and a delivery address in order to be able to complete our part of the bargain. An exception to this of course is when you come to our premises to collect the goods from us. We also ask for other contact details, usually telephone and/or fax numbers and email addresses.

If you wish to order goods from us we prefer that you open a credit account. In that case we ask you to give us the minimum information which will enable us to open an account for you, and we will use the postal service for that process. If however you prefer to pay for goods by credit card we will ask you to give that information by voice, fax, or using the postal service. We will never ask you to give us your credit card number through our Web site. We have no control over what happens to electronic messages before they reach us, so if you wish to use electronic mail to send confidential information such as your credit card details, please use our public key to encrypt it before transmission. Electronic mail is not secure.

What we will not do with information about you.

Except for shipment by carrier or post, or if required by law, we will not reveal your name and address to any other party. We do not engage in market research nor in any practice which may be disguised as market research. We do not sell names and addresses to other organizations.

What we will do with information about you.

We will use your name, addresses, telephone and fax numbers to enable us to communicate with you about your requirements, to keep you informed about the progress of your orders, to deliver goods and documents to you, to collect payment from you and (very occasionally) to reimburse you.

We use credit card details to collect payment only when authorized by the cardholder. We use the facilities with which you will be familiar to protect ourselves from fraud, including electronically distributed lists of cards which have been lost and/or used fraudulently. If you give your credit card details to us we will check them against this database.

Keeping the information accurate.

We strive for accuracy in all things.

If at any time you wish to know whether we hold any information about you, please ask us and we will be pleased to tell you. We will at your request destroy any information about you. If our information about you is incorrect we will be pleased if you ask us to correct it.


Unsolicited commercial email is not generally used by legitimate businesses. We do not send spam. We do not permit our equipment to be used for sending spam nor any kind of objectionable material. Spammers frequently forge our domain name into spam to try to make it look legitimate. If you have received a spam email which claims to be from us you can be sure that it was forged. Please send the entire message including all headers to the address at the foot of this page so that we can take action against the perpetrator.


If you have comments or questions about our privacy policy, please send them to us at one of the addresses listed on the 'contacts' page.