The Environment.

We are very aware of the damage that human economic activity continues to inflict on our planet.
As far as we can, we seek to minimise the impact that our activities have on the environment.

Our Products.

We sell large quantities of products which are made primarily from wood. These include for example paper, paper products, storage systems and furniture.
We do all that we can to ensure that the raw materials used to make these products are taken from sustainable resources.


We do not consume particularly large amounts of energy, but nevertheless we audit our energy use and make efforts to reduce energy consumption where possible.


We are pro-active in recycling schemes. We recycle large quantities of (mostly paper based) packaging within our own operations and rather smaller quantities by means of local initiatives as appropriate.
We are particularly proud of our record of recycling toner and ink cartridges, the entire proceeds of which are donated to the RNLI.
Recycling does not put at risk the goods we sell or package, nor does it affect the quality of our service to our customers.
However, if you receive a consignment of goods from us and it appears to have been packaged in a much-used carton, that's because it's been packaged in a much-used carton.
It isn't a statement about the value we place on the products we package, it's a statement on how we value both the planet we live on and its other inhabitants.
Please advise a member of our staff if you think you are able to help us with our recycling efforts. Sometimes all it takes is a little planning.
Please also advise us if you are not prepared to accept recycled or re-used goods or packaging. Our quality system can cope with that.


We operate primarily in storage and distribution, Information Technology, Consultancy and Property Management.
We have no manufacturing processes to speak of, and we work hard to re-use packaging.
As a result we produce very little waste.
Were it not to be re-used, waste packaging would increase our waste output by a factor of between three and five times.
As it is, the recycling of packaging makes a small contribution to our efforts to cut business expenses.

Action on the Environment.

We give financial support to a number of organizations which work to improve the environment, please see the charities page for more details.


If you have comments or questions about our policy, please send them to us at one of the addresses listed on the 'contacts' page.