Some information for employees is suited more to private communication than to publication on the Internet. In the documents handed to you at the beginning of your employment you will find the Statement of Terms of Employment which covers things like rate of pay, holiday entitlement, notice period and pension. The Jubilee Group also keeps a set of Rules for Employees which details amongst other things the standards of conduct expected of employees; procedures for airing grievances; disciplinary procedures; and various other employment related matters which we are obliged by law to bring to the attention of all employees.

As employers we strive to meet our legal obligations, but more than that it is always our hope that we are known to be responsive to the needs of our employees, approachable and reasonable. If you are a new employee, please take a moment to read the Rules for Employees which are contained in the Quality Manual and if there is anything that you wish to have made clearer, or anything which is not covered that you think should be covered, please bring it to the attention of your manager. If you are not satisfied with the response of your manager please get in touch with Mr. G.W. Haywood by telephone, letter or electronic mail.

If you write a letter, please mark it "Private".