Customer care policy.

We like to listen to our customers.

We like to provide the goods and services that our customers expect, to the quality that they expect.

If we do make a mistake, we like to remedy that as soon as we can.

If our customer makes a mistake, we try not to notice. We are happy to replace goods ordered by mistake with the correct items, unless they are non-returnable items such as unsealed magnetic media. We will of course at the customer's option replace any faulty goods, or provide a refund.

We like to treat everyone with courtesy.

If you are not satisfied in any way with our products, our service or our treatment of you as a business or as an individual, please get in touch with Mr. G.W. Haywood by telephone, letter or electronic mail.
If you write a letter, please mark it "Private".


If you have comments or questions about our customer care policy, please send them to us at one of the addresses listed on the 'contacts' page.