Welcome to the Jubilee Group 'Web Pages'.

Finding your way around.

The Jubilee Group Web Pages are arranged in a simple tree.

At the 'root' of the tree is the Jubilee Group Home Page, which is probably how you got to where you are now. You can follow the branches by making a choice from (usually) five or six options at each screen. Don't worry about doing it wrong - you can't! Clickable links in the text are RED until you have visited them, when they turn BLACK.

From the root you can get to the top level page for each of the companies in the Group. Just click on the name of the company or on the little picture ('icon') which should give you an idea of what that company is about.

It is a very simple tree. It takes only four or five clicks with your mouse to get all the way from the root of the tree to a 'leaf'. At a leaf you can actually do something, such as read the terms of trading, find a product, send electronic mail, place orders, download a form, or whatever. Some of the leaves (like the information on how to contact us) can be reached by going along several different branches.

So that you don't have to remember how you got to where you are, at the bottom of every page on this site there is a button which will take you to the root of the tree (i.e. to the Goup's Home Page). Also, you probably already know about the 'back' button on your browser which lets you retrace the steps you took to get to where you are.

There is usually another button or icon at the bottom of any page which takes you to the top level page (Home Page) for the individual company's Web site, or to the beginning of the operation you are doing, such as placing an order. You can click on this button to stop the operation you are in, say if you have changed your mind about doing it. If you use the 'back' button to retrace your steps rather than the buttons at the bottom of each page which jump to the Home Pages you will find it easier to get about without getting lost. When you become familiar with the site (it won't take very long) you can jump about as you like.

If your telephone line is noisy ar your modem is old you may have a slow data link as a result. Remember that you do not have to wait for a full page to download before you click on the next item you want. You can click on it as soon as you see it.

DON'T PANIC if you get into a tizzy while you are learning how to find your way around this Web site. Don't worry, even if while you are wandering around the site you accidentally place an order (that shouldn't be too easy, but it's possible). We will always confirm with you by some means any order placed over the Internet and you can always get in touch to let us know if you are having difficulties.

Large volumes of information.

There is information about tens of thousands of products on this site. To reduce your costs and to save your time, the site programming will try to keep to the absolute minimum the amount of information sent to your computer over the telephone. If it thinks that you have asked for an unusually large amount of information (say all the products which contain the word "file") then it will give you an opportunity to cut down the amount sent before proceeding.

Update policy.

Some of the information on this site is changed quite frequently, and your browser probably saves pages which you look at in its `cache'. This may mean that you are looking at an older version than the one which is actually on our site. Whenever it is changed, the modification date at the bottom of the document containing the information is changed too. This way you can always tell the age of the information you have. Having said that, we will try to keep to a minimum the amount of fancy graphics on these sites, so you can always load the pages freshly by pressing your browser's `reload' button without waiting around too much.

Most of the pages you see will not change more often than each month. Special deals that we manage to negotiate for our customers, new services and additions to the Web site will always be flagged with a special icon to attract your attention as soon as you visit the site.

Please bear in mind that the Internet and esecially the Web are not yet mature technologies, so we will be making changes to this site more often than we would like, just to keep up with new developments in the field. We will try to keep the same general structure to the site and to keep to a minimum any disruption the alterations cause.