Industrial Wipes, Dustsheets, Mutton Cloth.

The industrial wipes are useful in all kinds of situations: if you are machining, painting, washing or just generally cleaning they can save lots of messing about with paper towels. They are bigger, fatter, stronger and highly absorbent.

The blocks of 250 sheets, the mixed bags and the dust sheets are all made of the same basic fabric, a high-strength man-made material with a fairly coarse weave. It loses no strength when wet, and it is so strong, we have even used it to repair a fibreglass dinghy!

Prices exclude United Kingdom Value Added Tax. All dimensions and weights are approximate.

Product CodeDescription Size WeightPrice each
J=WIPEA 250 Sheets, off-white Block 12" x 12" x 12" 4.5kg 13.06
J=WIPEB 250 Sheets, assorted colours Block 12" x 12" x 12" 5.5kg 11.12
J=WIPEC Mixed bag, assorted colours Poly sack 15" dia., 15" deep5kg 5.10
J=DUSTSH Dust sheet, off-white 12'6" x 8'6" 1.5kg 5.61
J=MUTTON Mutton cloth, off-white Roll 8" long x 4" dia. 0.75kg 3.69

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