Send Mail.

This form can be used to send email to us even if you do not have access to Electronic Mail, or if we have blocked mail from your service provider. This can happen occasionally, for example because of network or mail abuse, criminal activity or even by accident. It does not imply fault on your part. Please refer to the policy documents (linked from our home page) for more information about our policies on misuse of computers and the Internet.

You don't need to use this page if you are using a well-behaved mail service, you can send e-mail to

There is no link to this page from any other place on our Website. That is to prevent address-harvesting robots operated by spammers from collecting the email address mentioned on this page.

If you have been directed here because you cannot send mail to one of our servers, please give as much information as you can about the reply you received when your mail was rejected. It is particularly helpful to know the name of the service you are using (for example 'freeserve' or 'BT') and the IP address of your outgoing mail server (for example '').
If you are not using an outgoing mail server please give your own IP address.
It is best if you can copy and paste the entire reject message including headers into this form.
Using that information we will be able to allow messages from you to get through.

However, please tell us who you are and how to get in touch with you in the message, because otherwise we will not know and will not be able to reply to you.
You can give us a telephone number, a fax number, a postal address or an email address.
Please type carefully.

If you prefer, please feel free to contact us at our postal address or by telephone.

To use this page to contact us, simply type your contact details and your message, then click on 'Send Message' to send it to us.
Don't forget to tell us who and where you are in the message, this form doesn't do that automatically like e-mail does.

To put the form back as it was, click on 'Reset'.