How do I choose what I want to buy from Jubilee Office Supplies?

Our enormous range of products can be a bit intimidating to those new to ordering from us. There is on-line help to assist you with things like paper and envelope sizes, fax rolls, toner cartridges and ribbons for your machines and so on.

There are several ways to select what you want. You can:

How do I place a purchase order?

You do not need to open a credit account with us to place a purchase order, although it makes things much easier if you do. We are happy to deal with customers on pro-forma invoice (in other words we send you an invoice, you pay the amount shown on the invoice, then we send the goods to you); with pre-paid orders (you send us the money with the order); or on a Cash-On-Delivery (COD) basis. You can place orders via electronic messages without an account number, however you do need your account number and your postal (ZIP) code to use the full electronic ordering facilities of this Website.

Here are some ways you can place an order with us:

When you place an order,

don't forget to tell us:

All this information is requested on the on-line order form which is automatically created for you when you use the product finder.

Don't forget also that many of the things we sell are sold as 'singles' as well as in 'packs' (multiples of one item).
Singles and packs have different product codes. Be careful to check that you are using the right product code.
For popular items, where there is no separate code for singles we may split the packs. Please check with us before ordering.

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