Jubilee Office Supplies: the history.

On 1 February 1985, Jubilee Office Supplies was born. Just a few hundred yards from the house in Pye Bridge where it all started is a long-forgotten place called Jubilee which is obviously where the name comes from. We thought it would sound happy on the 'phone when we picked it up to say "Good morning, Jubilee..."

Initially, Jubilee was a partnership between Brian Bunting and Ged Haywood. Brian was a former detective with Chesterfield CID, Ged was a former Engineer at the Atomic Energy Research Establishment at Harwell. About as unlikely a couple as you'll find. The only things they had in common, so to speak, were

Jane didn't want to be a partner, and have the personal liability around her neck, so Jubilee employed her.

The idea was that Ged, who lived in Oxfordshire, would stay there and put in the capital. Brian would go out on the road selling, and Jane (Brian's wife) would be in the office (their back bedroom) to wait for the 'phone to ring. Well, ring it did...

The first month was beyond our wildest dreams, the second too, and so on until May. On May 14th Brian had a heart attack and died. He was 39. Jane was a widow at 24. After thinking seriously about closing the business we decided to keep it going, as much because Jane wanted to keep her mind off things as for any other reason. Jane agreed to replace Brian as a Partner - you have a different perspective on things after a time like that.

We went from strength to strength, and by 1989 we had decided that we had to move out of the house in Pye Bridge. (Actually, Jane said "Either it goes or I do!")
We were running out of ideas for stock locations to put on our new computer... UB stood for Under the Bed, KS was under the Kitchen Sink, BC in the Bathroom Cabinet. So Ged sold the house he'd built in Oxfordshire and with the money raised from that he could buy a house in Derbyshire AND a plot of land to build a new warehouse.

We hired Peter Guy to drive a delivery van. For several years, all our van drivers were called Peter and that got a bit confusing sometimes. Looking back now, it was the least of our problems. We hired Mum to do the order picking. She was still doing it until a few weeks before her death in 2002.

The new building on Clover Nook Industrial Park was just exactly right, we could turn a Transit around in it and it was really handy for the M1 and the A38.

Now, more than a quarter of a century later, we can't get a Transit in the building any more -- but that's not such a big problem as you'd think because the Transits were all stolen -- and we're looking at building more space round the back.

Apart from that things are pretty much the same here now as they were in the early days, we're always busy rushing around to make sure you get what you want, even if that wasn't what you ordered...

Jubilee Office Supplies