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Envelope sizes are millimetres (e.g. 110X220), or Inches (e.g. 16"x12"), or ISO codes (e.g. C5). Look at our envelope help page for more information about envelope sizes and our conversions page for imperial to metric size conversions. The two (or three) sizes for an envelope are HEIGHT x WIDTH (xEXPANSION). The flap is on the top, so if you want a DL envelope with the flap on the longer side you want 110x220 not 220x110.

Self sealing (or "Seal-Easy") envelopes have a contact adhesive on the flaps which does not need moisture to seal. The flaps on GUMMED envelopes must be moistened to seal them. We sell a damper for this job which you will appreciate if you have a lot of gummed envelopes to seal.

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