Ways to trade with us and to make payment for your purchases.

There are many ways you can trade with us and pay for your purchases. You can place orders by telephone, in person or over the Internet either by electronic mail or using our Website.
The way you place orders and the way you pay for the goods are not connected, for example if you have a credit account with us you can place orders using the Internet, and if you place orders over the Internet you can (by prior arrangement) pay by credit card.

Pay for your orders individually.

Some customers place orders infrequently. Many of our less regular customers like to pay for each individual consignment at the time of placing their order, and we are happy to oblige.
If you will be placing frequent orders however, it is probably easiest to open a trading account.

Open a credit account with us, and pay us monthly.

This is how the vast majority of our customers trade with us. It's the way we prefer, especially for customers who make frequent purchases, as the administration is more convenient.
To open a credit account with us, you can

We are sorry that we have to ask you to sign a form before we trade with you on account. It's nothing personal, although some people take it as an affront.
With nearly 20,000 customers, we have found to our cost that a very few are unscrupulous and our credit account application procedure is designed to protect us from them. As ever, the selfishness of a few people causes inconvenience to everyone else. Please bear with us, there is no reason to be apprehensive about our procedures.

Whether you use us for your business or otherwise, it is our ambition to be a valuable asset to you, a firm that you can trust to deal honestly, fairly and legally.
We hope that you will always find us courteous, efficient and reliable. However if you find any cause for complaint, please write to Mr. G.W. Haywood. Mark your letter "Private".

Please send us the ORIGINAL FORM with your signature on it. We cannot accept copies or faxed signatures. Please do not give any of our competitors as trade references, they never reply to our enquiries and it will just delay your application. If the applicant is a Limited Company, a director MUST sign the application form. If you have more than one trading company we need a separate form for each, but if you simply have one legal entity trading under more than one trading name then only one application is needed. If you feel the need to explain anything on the form, a covering letter may help. Try to give a reasonable estimate on the form of the amount you are likely to spend with us in a year. An unrealistic figure won't impress, but it will likely delay your application and we may even reject it.

After we receive your application, we make enquiries using the information you give to us. All the information which you and your referees give to us is held in the strictest confidence. Assuming that the replies are satisfactory, we will write telling you that your account is open within a couple of days. If you are in a hurry to open the account we can make telephone enquiries, but we must have written replies. Ask yourself how you would react if someone was in such a hurry and refused to pay COD for goods in the meantime. The FAX is a great help in speeding up the process, but try to choose trade referees who are responsive - sometimes our enquiries are not returned for weeks. We may ask for further information and we may ask that your first order is pre-paid.

Place cash on account.

A few customers, mostly those a great distance away from us, place cash on account. This can speed up the supply process and it avoids the expense of making many currency conversions for smaller sums. We can tell you the status of your account at any time.

Notes about how we operate your credit account.

The Jubilee Group is based in the European Economic Community (EEC) and is subject to United Kingdom and EEC law. Unless goods or services are to be exported or provided outside the EEC, we add Value Added Tax (VAT) at the appropriate rate to any prices we quote. At the time of last editing (in 2016) the rate is 20% for almost all the goods we sell, and for all services. Some items (such as tea-bags, coffee, dictionaries and many other books) are zero-rated for VAT purposes. VAT regulations may change from time to time.

When you trade with us on a credit account, payment is due by the end of the calendar month following the month in which the invoice was issued. All payments we receive from you are applied against the oldest debts first. Your invoices will show by what date your payment is due and the amount due. If a settlement discount is offered, in addition to the due date your invoice will also show a discounted amount due if the invoice is paid on or before that date. Invoices which we issue in the UK must comply with the UK VAT regulations, and if we offer a discount on your invoice then the VAT will be calculated on the discounted amount due. The VAT due on any of our UK invoices is the same whether you pay on time (and so take advantage of the settlement discount) or not. We will send you a statement at the end of each month showing each transaction on your account, including the dates, the invoice, credit note and cheque numbers, the amounts (goods, VAT and credit), and an aged breakdown of any overdue debts. If you receive a credit note from us after purchasing and later returning goods which attracted a settlement discount, the discount will be debited from your account and this will be shown on your statement. Please do not try to take the discount on the credit note as well!
We will allocate a credit limit to your account. If the total value of your purchases in any period exceeds the limit we may ask you to make a payment to your account.
To those unscrupulous people we mentioned earlier: please do not try to return goods to us which you bought from our competitors in the hope that our computer won't notice. Our computer is very particular about things like that.

When you trade with us (or anyone else) you are entering into a legally binding contract. Our Conditions of Sale are the terms under which we trade in the United Kingdom. All contracts which we enter into are governed by English Law. The notes above are intended as a guide, but the legal document which binds us is the Conditions of Sale.

When you have opened a credit account with Jubilee Office Supplies you will automatically be entitled to open an account with any other company in the Jubilee Group, simply by filling in a further application. We will not normally need to make further enquiries.

Company Purchase Cards.

Please contact us if you wish to use your Comapny Purchase Card, the arrangements are very straightforward.

Credit Cards.

We are happy to accept payment by credit card from customers who are known to us, but because of the security concerns, we accept no credit cards, debit cards nor charge cards on this Website. Please do not give your card number (nor any other confidential details) to us over the Internet, whether by Web forms or email, unless you can encrypt the information using our public key.

If you wish to use the Website to make your purchases and pay by credit card then please first contact us to make the necessary arrangements. It's quite painless.

Bank Transfers.

You can send money direct from your bank account to ours.
The address of our bank is
1 King Street

Fraud prevention.

During 2003 approximately a quarter of the attempts to purchase goods from us over the Internet using a credit card were made using stolen credit cards. One person made attempts using five different stolen cards. We will always do our best to detect fraud and we will cancel stolen cards immediately they come to our attention. We give the greatest cooperation to law enforcement agencies in their efforts to detect and prevent crime.

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